Our mission:

Our mission is to democratize AI ethics literacy. We do this by creating tangible and applied technical and policy research in the ethical, safe and inclusive development of AI. Our unique advantage in Montreal is that we are situated globally at the leading edge of technical research while leveraging strong Canadian values of diversity and inclusion.

“Treating AI as inherently good overlooks the important research and development needed for ethical, safe and inclusive applications. Poor data, inexplicable code or rushed deployment can easily lead to AI systems that are not worth celebrating.”

– Abhishek Gupta, World Economic Forum

Our Values:

  1. We are focused on the applied and practical, not theoretical.

  2. We enable citizen empowerment to enhance policy development on the ethical, safe and inclusive development of AI.

  3. We act as a pool of knowledge and resources to enable applied experiments that will build tangible frameworks to address ethical, safety and inclusion issues in AI development.

  4. We publish all our research open-source and strive for scientific and technical reproducibility.

To know more about us, please visit: https://montrealethics.ai/about

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