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Welcome to another edition of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute’s weekly AI Ethics Brief that will help you keep up with the fast-changing world of AI Ethics! Every week we summarize the best of AI Ethics research and reporting, along with some commentary. More about us at

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The State of AI Ethics Report (Volume 5)

The State of AI Ethics Report (Volume 5) captures the most relevant developments in AI Ethics since the first quarter of 2021. We’ve distilled the research & reporting around 3 key themes:

  1. Creativity and AI

  2. Environment and AI

  3. Geopolitics and AI

We also have our evergreen section Outside the Boxes that captures insights across an eclectic mix of topic areas for those looking for a broad horizon of domains where AI has had a societal impact. And we bring back the community spotlights to showcase meaningful work being done by scholars and activists from around the world.

This edition opens with a section that has been much requested by you, our community, titled “What we’re thinking” that gives insights into emergent trends and gaps that we’ve noticed in existing coverage of AI ethics. We also have a special contribution titled “The Critical Race Quantum Computer: A Tool for Liberation” by Michael Lipset, Jessica Brown, Michael Crawford, Kwaku Aning, & Katlyn Turner with a very intriguing framing of how we think about race and technology.

Other contributors include:

  • Ramya Srinivasan (AI Researcher at Fujitsu Research of America Inc.)

  • Asim Hussain (Chairperson, Green Software Foundation)

  • Jeffrey Ding (PhD Candidate, University of Oxford)

  • Cristian Gherhes (Research Fellow, Oxford Brookes University)

  • Sun Sun Lim (Professor, Singapore University of Technology and Design)

  • Claudia May Del Pozo (Director of the Eon Resilience Lab at C Minds)

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