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When talking about the impact of Sora, at the end you touched on the "Societal Impact of Deepfakes" and briefly mentioned the "potential" of creating sexually explicit content.

Whilst the press focuses on the negative effects of deepfakes of misinformation, the reality is that 96% of deepfakes are of non-consensual sexual nature and 99% target women.

Deepfake porn not only aims to silence and get revenge from women - who lack protections from this use of technology in most countries around the work - but it's a well-oiled industry where the likes of Amazon, Etsy, Microsoft, GitHub, Visa, and Mastercard are key players and benefit from it.

You can cross-reference my assertions below



As you said, the potential of Sora for misuse is huge but it's important to highlight that some populations are more prone to bear the brunt than others.

We need firm national and cross-border regulation not only for the creators and distributors of deepfake porn but for the companies that make it a business.

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Thank you for sharing your perspective and highlighting that some groups are indeed more susceptible, vulnerable, and affected by these negative social outcomes than others. Without strong regulations, there is little to align the ecosystem together towards achieving these goals.

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