Sitemap - 2024 - The AI Ethics Brief

AI Ethics Brief #152: Goodbye Goodhart, zombie policies, FeedbackLogs, Pope@G7 on AI ++

AI Ethics Brief #151: Unmasking secret cyborgs, California SB 1047, LLM creativity, toxicity evaluation ++

AI Ethics Brief #150: Secret cyborgs and their AI shadows, prompt middleware, dual governance, Chinese AI regulations ++

AI Ethics Brief #149: Preventing bloat in AI ethics processes, AI consent futures, ghosting the future, AI watermarking 101 ++

AI Ethics Brief #148: NYC chatbot malfunction, division of labor in algo audits, GenAI electricity consumption, and more.

AI Ethics Brief #147: Pitfalls in RAI programs, responsible internal AI rollouts, ethics of audio models, watermarking in the sand, and more.

AI Ethics Brief #146: LLMs threatening digital public goods, fair and open-market access, learning to prompt in the classroom, meaningful public participation, and more.

AI Ethics Brief #145: Stakeholder selection, QA for AI, matrix to select RAI framework, humans needed for AI, responsible design patterns, and more.

AI Ethics Brief #144: Mechanisms of AI policy adoption, scientists' view on GenAI potential, incorporating ethics into GTM strategy, and more.

AI Ethics Brief #143: Managing AI ethics staff, tackling anthropomorphization, tyranny of the majority, plagiarism detection tools, and more.

AI Ethics Brief #142: OSS AI, fairness uncertainty quantification, impact of ML randomness on group fairness, and more.

AI Ethics Brief #141: Copyrights+IPR in GenAI era, ethical ambiguity in data enrichment, robotics+AI in the Global South, and more.

AI Ethics Brief #140: Limitations of RLHF, data annotation aspirations, better rewards in LLM training, PII leaks in ChatGPT, and more.

AI Ethics Brief #139: Measuring surprise, definition of GPAIs, getting started with external stakeholder engagement, and more.